Thursday, 22 January 2009

I stole it, no one was looking, i did it for you, sorry

I'm back in exeter UK and have just set up my computer after getting drunk, unpacking my synths and making a new workshop space. If you're looking for Vibraphonic workshop info, it will be here soon, promise.

For no reason other than content here are some pictures of the MIDI interface i built using a highly liquid kit. looks cute by the nord.

...and i lied. again. and i promised i'd stop. its a doepfer pocket electronic midi kit, there are some pretty and amazing applications on their site.
highly liquid are still badass though, i have many of their kits and they made my dr rythym good,
next on the shopping list is the midispeak, giving control over any speak and x!


d said...

ta x

soldering kit purchasing tips please

ibrahim said...
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ibrahim said...

ben; at some point i'm going to have to corner you and get some bespoke midi equipment made, turn it into a geek sweat shop. we could make a weekend of it.

i need a box covered in some gorgeous seimitsu buttons. help me ben.

answers on a postcard to... me.