Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Bastardo and the Acitest

short clip of me vj'ing with dj bastardo at gob. modded nes, midines, mpc500, modded sony home studio and colour corrector

i found this image i made of the bend points on the nintendo, and the cic lockout pin that needs disabling to play multi-region carts

i also modded both nes that i use with stereo outs. this splits the audio signal before the mono mixer and gives you the square wave channels on one out and the triangle, noise + samples on another. it also gives a much cleaner signal, ie a much lower noise floor.
more info here

aaaand here's my latest noise box, the 'acitest'. A heavily modded hex inverter as seen in nic collins' .
book. Pics and schematic to follow, but for now, a little movie

*EDIT* here's the schematic;