Wednesday, 28 January 2009

i went to the zoo, they had images of me and you, like coo coo ca choo

For content and Nihilism here are some pictures of me. Live at DIY Fest

Gear; Roland SH10, Nord MicroModular, BossDD20
and live at Wattsfest
Gear; Akai MPC1000 JJOS2, GameboyAdvance Sp with Nanoloop2, GameboyColour with Nanoloop 1.3, firestarter sync, Boite Diabolique, Uglyface, Casio Vl tone, casio Mt200, Novation Drumstation, alesis bitrman
both were wild and out of control, with long stories about triumph in the face of adversity, broken equipment and winning the crowd over with love and comedy. any audio or video evidence would be welcome.
In other news, there is a HigherQ version of my DIYFest video on my vimeo page

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