Friday, 30 January 2009

live and indirect, the sound of the fun box

Part2 of same gig, supporting Damo Suzuki

Gear - Acitest, Ugly-face, Vl-tone, simms watts echodek

just what is a fun box?

George Lazenbleep
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So what is a fun box? well, here's what one sounds like,

live, played by me,

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Fun Box part Deux!

Sun 22nd March 09
Exeter Phoenix - £10
A Vibraphonic Festival workshop
Bookings - 01392 667 080

Create, modify and have fun with a portable DIY synthesizer and amplifier. Make, modify and decorate this rather unique electronic noise-making machine. The workshop will involve basic electronics, soldering and sharp objects.

Part Deux! is the fourth reprisal of the fun box workshop. A 6 oscilator synth is combined with a 1watt amplifier and speaker to create a crazy, portable battery powered noise machine.

Limited to 20 places, so please book ahead

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

My machine!

Sat 14th March 09
Exeter Castle, Exeter, UK - Free!
A Vibraphonic Festival and Transition exhibition workshop

A rather fun workshop. Inspired by kaspar from the DIY festival we will be taking over a former cell at exeter castle and attempting transform the space into an instrument capable of self generated sound and modulated feedback.

Using found junk, sound generators and the physical space, we will construct diy electronic and mechanical instruments, using the room as one resonant space. Using microphones and spy pickups, furniture, fixtures and junk will be turned into sound generators. The signals will be mixed and fed back into the room until the room resonates continuously, and is modulated by human intervention, accidental or otherwise. Additional sound input will be created with childrens toys, circuit bent devices, random noisemakers and sonic pollution from participants.

Junk will be provided, but please feel free to bring anything that you feel will interact with the room.

The workshop is scheduled for Sat 14th March 09 from 12-5pm. however the space will be open in the week leading up to this, with many other installations and exhibits in the cells. during this time i hope to start building the machine, and any drop-in guests are welcome.

i went to the zoo, they had images of me and you, like coo coo ca choo

For content and Nihilism here are some pictures of me. Live at DIY Fest

Gear; Roland SH10, Nord MicroModular, BossDD20
and live at Wattsfest
Gear; Akai MPC1000 JJOS2, GameboyAdvance Sp with Nanoloop2, GameboyColour with Nanoloop 1.3, firestarter sync, Boite Diabolique, Uglyface, Casio Vl tone, casio Mt200, Novation Drumstation, alesis bitrman
both were wild and out of control, with long stories about triumph in the face of adversity, broken equipment and winning the crowd over with love and comedy. any audio or video evidence would be welcome.
In other news, there is a HigherQ version of my DIYFest video on my vimeo page

Thursday, 22 January 2009

I stole it, no one was looking, i did it for you, sorry

I'm back in exeter UK and have just set up my computer after getting drunk, unpacking my synths and making a new workshop space. If you're looking for Vibraphonic workshop info, it will be here soon, promise.

For no reason other than content here are some pictures of the MIDI interface i built using a highly liquid kit. looks cute by the nord.

...and i lied. again. and i promised i'd stop. its a doepfer pocket electronic midi kit, there are some pretty and amazing applications on their site.
highly liquid are still badass though, i have many of their kits and they made my dr rythym good,
next on the shopping list is the midispeak, giving control over any speak and x!