Sunday, 18 November 2007

Dr Rhythm

I've been modifying my Boss DR-110 drum machine. It was the last all analogue beat box they produced. It already sounded lovely, but had little tweakability and very limited sync possibilities.
I added 6 trigger inputs for the drums. These are short circuit connections that are triggered via midi with my highly liquid MSA-P decoder.
Seeing as i had the box open I also added the tonal mods detailed on Dave Magnuson's ResonantFrequency site.
The pots and triggers for the mod are housed in a VHS cassette box, connected to the 110 via a 25pin d-type . I used every pin, plus the chassis of the connector. I plan to add the accent trigger in via the trigger out jack.
Here are some pictures. I'm editing a little video that I'll stick up as soon as.
I really like it.


Sam said...

how do I install the MSA-P to a DR-110? I'm not sure how I'm a total novice, if you could push me in the right direction that'd be great!

JLewis184 said...

the ResonantFrequency page is no longer up. Could you explain or link to the mods you found?

ScarKord said...

Hi George. Just wanted to say that your video inspired me to track down a DR-110 myself. The results are on my website if you fancy a gander...

By the way, you can view the text for most of the Resonant Frequency pages through Google's cache. I managed to get some useful info that way.



hahafresh said...

explainer of trigger mods is here;


Bass said...

George, thanks for posting this.

"There may be other permutations that cause the kick to sound but beware! D1B to D8B is the only connection that is isolated from the other buttons by the diodes."

Looking at the schematic, it makes sense but I can't really be sure on the PCB. I am able to trigger all the sounds, but want to be sure I've done it correctly. Is there a way to check my work using a multimeter?

Duarte said...

hello, the explainer of trigger mods it's not available in the google pages. Can you please fix it?

Thank You