Wednesday, 28 October 2009

lazy....don't watch that

live (drunk) on toms phonic fm show

and more gratuitous bleep action

Saturday, 24 October 2009


The week that microsoft release windows7. I release a camphone recording of me dj'ing with 2 early 90's casio keyboards, edited on windows movie maker running on xp.
yeah royee

Sunday, 18 October 2009

if this blog was my girlfriend she would be long gone

but it, and she, are not. and i am here.
so is this song;

recorded with my man bigtoe.the last happy times at happyland studio

we're getting a set together for a few gigs with bigchill in november.

happylands gone, and i've got this place for a few more weeks
then i'm off for another round in georgia.


elizabeth duke played a casio set at the acoustica fest, only evidence is visual.for the best really.

and, i rocked the casios in a dj style for ollie 'badsector' at his surprise party.
also finished the last hicks box, now a SGMK hall effect. fingers x'd for A/V.

and thanks to SGMK and Uwe 'component king' for their forthcoming support for workshops in georgia.

Uwe and Jordis's kulturgueter-schuppen, and SGMK in Swiss Italy;