Tuesday, 22 June 2010

My mum told me to update

so I am. Sorry for leaving you holding the baby.
a series of free workshops at Exeter Phoenix Starting 28th July. 6-9pm, then every wednesday til we get bored. Work on your own stuff, or try my kits ranging from free to about £20-ish
Free stuff - Circuit bending, advice and use of the space. Bring audio DIY stuff to work on, or just come and hang out.
Cheap stuff - Build your own contact microphone, and the Nano amplifier
£10-£20 stuffs - Pitch shifting FX Box, FUn bOx synth and 20 second sampler

Lots to work with, but happy for suggestions. Use contact form for more info.

Some Old/new Elizabeth duke

I'm playing live as Lazenbleep, friday night at wattsfest