Wednesday, 28 January 2009

My machine!

Sat 14th March 09
Exeter Castle, Exeter, UK - Free!
A Vibraphonic Festival and Transition exhibition workshop

A rather fun workshop. Inspired by kaspar from the DIY festival we will be taking over a former cell at exeter castle and attempting transform the space into an instrument capable of self generated sound and modulated feedback.

Using found junk, sound generators and the physical space, we will construct diy electronic and mechanical instruments, using the room as one resonant space. Using microphones and spy pickups, furniture, fixtures and junk will be turned into sound generators. The signals will be mixed and fed back into the room until the room resonates continuously, and is modulated by human intervention, accidental or otherwise. Additional sound input will be created with childrens toys, circuit bent devices, random noisemakers and sonic pollution from participants.

Junk will be provided, but please feel free to bring anything that you feel will interact with the room.

The workshop is scheduled for Sat 14th March 09 from 12-5pm. however the space will be open in the week leading up to this, with many other installations and exhibits in the cells. during this time i hope to start building the machine, and any drop-in guests are welcome.

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