Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Yo! This video happened, in germany, last November. Skip through the German bits if you need to

Circuit Control - Das Lötspektakel in Dresden from knrd on Vimeo.
Cheers to Alvy

Sunday, 15 December 2013


Just dug out an old artist statement from 2008. Good shit! Here for posterity!;

An experiment to turn found objects into electronic sound generators, that allows non-intuitive, accidental and unpredictable output patterns.
The creative product is intended as an audio visual physically responsive installation, encouraging visitors to see, hear, feel, play and ultimately become a part of the machine. Unintentional modulation is expected, with the machine responding to temperature, background noise, physical interaction  and RF interference.

To modify and creatively destroy that which society finds redundant. Old toys, broken radios, unwanted televisions and the detritus of forgotten industry, is shaped and re-worked into generators of other-worldly noise. The humble childrens toy transformed into a subharmonic generator, the 60's lifestyle sunlamp into a freeform morse jazz machine, the bakelite radio into noxious metal audio conductor. All this, and more, is possible with the broken mind and happy heart.
Childrens electronic toys with complicated microprocessor brains are reduced to random phoneme creators.Unbelievable noise and new levels of control are created by applying basic electronic circuits and logic to random noise and non-intuitive home made and creatively modified found objects. Tactile surfaces, levers and knobs, light and radio frequency (RF) sensors bring those that play into the movement often referred to as 'anti-theory'
The devices become chance music creators with or without human intervention. The introduction of skin resistance, bio electrical signals and the casting of shadows introduce the idea of a human interface, did I just do that?
To allow hi tech osmosis, processors and hard disks are used as radio frequency modulators, infra-red remote controls reborn as random burst noise sources and  digital errors and the failing compression algorithm used as both vision and audio sources, each influencing the other, like reciprocal friends locked in a feedback loop of ever increasing emotion.

One day we will be forced to make do with junk, broken toys and hi-tech detritus. Some people will have a head start.

We Must Perform A Quirkafleeg

So, the Gig vvv  went well and I am suitably sated as far as the silly business of organising events is concerned. The cool thing was the reactive RGB led foam, and projections, as seen here;
The lamps are ANALOGUE rgb strips, in packing foam. The control is the crossover section of this circuit;
Thanks to my crew at SGMK for that! It's also another example of something that I do , A LOT. That is, taking someone elses awesome idea and finding a way to make it my own. I keep doing it, and it's awesome, and it's why as an artist, collaboration is the key.
I'm going to try and get the lamps to mirror the 1Pixel closer, and thanks to long time collaborator (+foam legend) Uwe's advice I'm going to try running them at 16 or 17 Volts.

The projections are a simple resolume project, just some rotating grids made within the software, with some sizing parameters linked to the macbooks microphone input. The COOL accident was seeing how f**ing cool it looked projecting ONTO the crowd.