Monday, 22 June 2009

Boss DR-110 drum voice mods

I get more requests for these mods to the DR Rhythm than anything else, and well, i finally found them. Originally from Dave Magnusons resonant frequency site and tweaked a little by me.

Boss DR110 Tone mods;
all potentiometers linear unless stated

Kick Decay - Replace R70 with a 1k pot (try something smaller/and maybe logarithmic as mine has a lot of travel to get to the sweet spot)
Snare Snap - Replace R81 with a 47k pot
Snare Impact (tune) - Replace R76 with a 100k pot
HI Hat filter - Replace R12 with a 1k pot
HI Hat Decay - Replace R20 with a 1M pot
Cymbal Filter - Replace R16 with a 1K pot
Cymbal Decay - Replace R44 with a 1M pot, in series with a 1K resistor
Clap Pitch - Replace R114 with a 47K pot
Clap Decay - Replace R113 with a 100k logarithmic pot.

feel free to share around and let me know what you discover, more 110 mods here,
and no i didn't do BD pitch, should be easy enough to find with some poking around :#


katty said...

I love the drum, i think this instrument is very notable, i usually feel too much energy when i listen or i touch a drum although be a short time. Is absolutely wonderful.

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pilfermusic said...

Very cool... What are those cool 1/8 jack linked too?

Ofanut said...

hello, I'm impressed! i'm new on circuit bending, and i wanted to ask if you actually removed the R components when you say "replace"?
Thanks a lot,