Saturday, 5 January 2013

CMOS to Nanoloop Sync

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Thanks to Circuit Ben and the info on Gijs's site

I wanted to have my gameboy playing Nanoloop to be in sync with my ROBOT. Due to the fact that the internet is AWESOME and thanks to Circuit Ben and the info on Gijs's site, I did it!

The cable is simply the 9v pk-pk square wave from my clock gen fed into the gb link ports.
The only pins connected are ground and Nano sync in as shown below; I used a 2K resistor on the sync input for protection. it seems to make it more stable
(img from

Here's a video showing it working!

*EDIT* ok it seems NL gets a little upset with a 9v pulse. I regulated the clock power supply to 5v and removed the 2k resistor and all seems happy now 


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