Sunday, 18 October 2009

if this blog was my girlfriend she would be long gone

but it, and she, are not. and i am here.
so is this song;

recorded with my man bigtoe.the last happy times at happyland studio

we're getting a set together for a few gigs with bigchill in november.

happylands gone, and i've got this place for a few more weeks
then i'm off for another round in georgia.


elizabeth duke played a casio set at the acoustica fest, only evidence is visual.for the best really.

and, i rocked the casios in a dj style for ollie 'badsector' at his surprise party.
also finished the last hicks box, now a SGMK hall effect. fingers x'd for A/V.

and thanks to SGMK and Uwe 'component king' for their forthcoming support for workshops in georgia.

Uwe and Jordis's kulturgueter-schuppen, and SGMK in Swiss Italy;


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