Tuesday, 11 December 2007

quite possibly.....

...the best band in the world, from the ashes of my favourite band ever
whole album to download here

also this week;

a deluge of live action and workshops in february and march, See the side columns >>>

some abstrad nicked my laptop, the thing of least value to me that i own, my posting is a bit trickier now ...

and won't be helped by my pissing off to georgia (east) for 6 weeks, expect all kinds of vintage communist junk when i return

have been massively distracted in my escape plans by

new/old gameboy synth exclusively ;# controlled by midi
trying like mad to build an interface, but its hard, and odd and no one else has done it

whilst trying to get pushpin going I dicovered lots of freeware gameboy music programs with much thanks to nitro2k1 and his excellent blog i flashed them all to my cart i bought from robb webb . lameboy is #1 if you are US.

last week I was interviewed on Jo Loosemores arts and culture show on Radio Devon. Mp3 D/l Here! (1Mb)

cory archangel is coming to exeter. events at the phoenix and exhibition at spacex. lots of info here particularly like dooogle

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