Friday, 7 September 2007

hex inverter

here's a little poster for some interesting stuff on saturday.

my workshop is a goer and kicks off tomorrow with a capacity crowd of 11 hardcore noise makers. there will be a parade after with free fancy dress hire to promote the fore st festival

gig on the 28th will henceforth be known as the hex inverter


bad_sector said...

Ace ace ace.

Looking forward to Sat though still to book my place.

Been thinking more about Hex Inverter... Had some trouble with the Cosmophone, but whacked in a new 9v and it's growling like a mofo. Could do some noise-assed action.

hahafresh said...

yes please do noise

ps flat battery can be included as a spazz mod to bending and hacking projects
see ;

bad_sector said...

Yeah - I already got a battery-starve pot in there. It shrieks!

See ya tomoz

bad_sector said...

Ooh. Nice link too! thnx