Friday, 27 July 2007

must dash

more work so no toys for a week. will be playing live as soon as i get back tho, sat 4th, Northbridge Inn, St Davids, Exeter. have no idea what i will do and have no time to prepare.

bursary/workspace is going well, many new inventions, have lots of nes footage to edit + post here. also have 2 confirmed dates for participatory workshops - sat 8th and 15th of sept. CRB!

Have found an old review of me live on matthew drones blog.
scroll down to the post marked 'acid trombone'

also linking to ollies blog. after buying a modded barbie and nic collins' book he's now made a noise.

*EDIT* just found this, scroll down to find out what happened next - "This makes some pretty cool noises already," enthused Benjamin Goldstone, a mulleted Englishman....


Richard said...

"mulleted Englishman indeed"

bad_sector said...
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bad_sector said...

Hello mate. Thanks for the linkage - favour returned!

For Barbie action have a listen to 'Mystery Meat'- Stellar Mass

and pics.

I'd love to be in on next Saturday - however I'll be camping in Dorset that evening so can't make it :-/ If there are any other opportunities in the near future then I'd really love to try something live.

Have a good week man.


hahafresh said...

damn, thats another 5 minutes i have to fill ;#