Friday, 13 April 2007

Atari Punk

here is my version of the wonderful atari punk console, a version of forest mimmsIII dual oscillator noise maker. my mod gives a nice hot output and much more bass than the original, plus an extra bassness control. more xtras include momentary switch for pulsing the bleeps and body contacts for randomness, including using the whole enclosure as a BC! i've been knocking these out for UK£45 in custom cases with hicks stlye paint jobs. hook me up f you want one.

here's my adapted schematic,

here's some noise

and here's everything you need for atari punks


yosh said...

What did you use to connect the ground points to in your circuit?

SonoLogic said...
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SonoLogic said...

What are the 10k pots under the 1m pots for? I am trying to make one of these, but I can't figure that out.